Used Car Buying – FAQs

Q:  What type of used cars do you have for sale at your Greensboro, N.C., location?
A:  As a used car dealer in Greensboro, Monarch carries an assortment of vehicles, including everything from economy-sized used cars to 15-passenger vans.  Feel free to view our used car inventory page to see our whole inventory, along with vehicle photos, selling prices, mileages and other pertinent information.

Q:  What finance company do you work with?
A:  We do our used car financing through Credit Acceptance Corporation (CAC).  They’re a finance company based in Southfield, Michigan, that specializes in helping individuals establish credit.

Q:  What if I have a repo on my credit?
A:  No problem! Our finance company does not penalize you for this. We give you a second chance.

Q:  Do you offer warranties on your used cars, trucks & vans?
A:  Yes! We sell all of our vehicles with a competitive warranty that will cover parts with fluid in them (motor, transmission, cooling system, air conditioning system, fuel system).

Q:  How much are your down payments?
A:  Down payments vary depending on the vehicle, and we offer flexible down payment options as the structure of the term allows us to.

Q:  Do I need a cosigner?
A:  A cosigner isn’t mandatory when doing your deal, but in some instances it is beneficial to have a cosigner.

Q:  Can I buy a used car if I’m collecting unemployment?
A:  Yes! We just require that you provide us with documentation stating monthly income.

Q:  Can I use my child support as income?
A:  Yes! You just need to provide us with the court-ordered documentation showing how much you receive per month.

Q:  Can I buy a used car if I’m paid cash with no pay-stubs?
A:  Yes! All we need is your most recent two months of bank statements showing steady deposits.

Q:  Can I buy a used car without a Driver’s License?
A:  Yes! All we need is your North Carolina-issued identification card.

Q:  How much are your monthly payments?
A:  Monthly payments are contingent upon your finance term, the car you choose, and how much you put down. We will always make sure we get you a vehicle that’s going to meet both your personal needs and financial resources.

Q:  Do you take trade-ins?
A:  Yes! As a used car dealer in Greensboro, Monarch accepts all trade-ins, no matter what condition they’re in. However, you must possess the title to that vehicle.

Q:  Can I pay every two weeks?
A:  Yes! We offer flexible terms to meet your budget and buy here pay here options.

Q:  Why should I choose Monarch Auto Sales?
A:  The answer is simple, we put our customers first. But don’t take our word for it. Many of our clients have shared their stories and experiences with Monarch. You can read these on our testimonials page. Also, Monarch Auto Sales maintains a an A+ BBB rating, the highest rating available.


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