Buying a Used Car

4 Tips for Buying a Used Truck

When it’s time to buy a truck, you have a lot of decisions to make concerning make and model. Then you’ll need to decide whether you need a light, medium, or heavy-duty truck. Cab, double cab, or extended cab? Small bed or large bed? But the biggest question to ask yourself before your hunt is whether you want to spend a fortune on a new truck, or if you want to save yourself some hard-earned cash by shopping previously owned.

Pre-owned trucks are usually a better value without sacrificing the qualities that are important to you. We have four tips to ensure that buying a used pickup truck doesn’t land you with a hefty monthly payment, so you can keep on trucking, worry-free.

Do Your Research Ahead of Time

Whether you’re going to be a first-time truck owner, or you’re replacing your fourth truck, it’s a good idea to evaluate your exact needs before you hit the lot. With so many options available, it’s easy to become bogged down and overwhelmed by all the details. Knowing what you want before you shop will allow you to focus on the options that best match your needs and lifestyle.

Make a “Truck Wish List” and take it with you when you head to the car lots. Some points to include are:

  • Preferred vehicle age range
  • Target price range
  • Number of miles on the vehicle
  • Primary ways you’ll be using the truck (i.e. towing large items vs. hauling lighter items around in the truck bed, etc.)
  • Size you prefer
  • Interior comforts you want (leather seats vs. fabric, built-in GPS system vs. using your own navigation device, etc.)

While a wish list summarizes what you’d like in your perfect truck, remember that you may need to compromise to find the best fit for your needs and for your budget. It’s best to prioritize which factors are most important to you.

Be Budget Minded

Once you’ve made the list of what you’re looking for in a used truck, it’s time to sit down and crunch some numbers. Take a look at what your ideal truck is selling for new. Then do some research on the average cost for older models.

Knowing your budget ahead of time helps you stand firm on your price point when you start to negotiate. If you don’t think this through ahead of time, you may wind up with a hefty monthly car payment that you’ll soon regret.

According to the article 7 Steps to Buying a Pickup Truck, a good rule of thumb is to keep your truck payment at no more than 15 percent of your total take-home pay. The more you save ahead of time, the more likely you’ll be able to make a sizeable down payment — making it possible to have little-to-no monthly payment on your pre-owned truck!

If you’ll be financing your truck purchase, look for a dealer who offers the Buy Here/Pay Here option, an in-house financing and payment program that provides locally guaranteed credit approval.

Test Drive, Test Drive, Test Drive

When it comes to buying a used truck, whatever you do, don’t skip the test drive. While it may be hard to imagine not test driving a vehicle you’re considering purchasing, people do buy sight-unseen in some cases. Buying a truck, or any other used vehicle for that matter, is a huge decision and one that you should make only after a solid test drive around the block or down the interstate. A thorough test drive will give you an idea of how your truck will ride on all those fun adventures you’re planning.

If it’s the right price, with the right features for its intended use, and if it checks out on the road test, chances are you’ve just found the pre-owned truck to fulfill your wish list without straining your finances.

Search Our Online Inventory

Monarch Auto Sales offers a great inventory of reliable, pre-owned trucks for reasonable prices.  Search our online inventory today!

Top 4 Reasons for Purchasing a Used Car

In the market for a new vehicle? Overwhelmed by hefty price tags on new models? Maybe your beloved vehicle stopped working unexpectedly, or  maybe your family is growing and the sports car you have is no longer practical for your needs. Whatever situation you find yourself in, looking for a new car can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be!

Enter the “new-to-you-car,” otherwise known as a used car. If you’re budget-minded and don’t want to go into debt over a new set of wheels, shopping used cars really can be shopping smarter, not harder. On the fence about whether you should go new or used? Before you hit the dealership, check out our top four reasons for purchasing a used vehicle.


Buyer’s remorse is very real, and while the idea of a brand-new vehicle may be appealing at the time, the large loans you may have to take out, and the monthly car payment you might be stuck with, may take some of the charm out of your sparkling new ride. However, previously owned vehicles are more affordable, requiring you to take out a much smaller loan, if any at all! Not to mention, when you drive a new car off the lot to head home, the value depreciates instantly.

When you take your time shopping around and find a used vehicle that boasts things you want, like fairly low mileage, a clean interior and exterior, and more, you’ll be impressed with the bang you can get for your buck! Chances are when you look back on your purchase, you’ll smile thinking of the savings as opposed to stressing thinking of the hefty price tag.


One of the big advantages of  purchasing a used vehicle is the fact that by the time you’re driving the car off the lot, you have a pretty good working knowledge of that car’s history thus far.  Every car has a story. You get the benefit of reading that story, and then determining whether or not that particular vehicle will be a good fit for your transportation wants and needs. Online services like CARFAX allow you to access reports for vehicles you are considering. When you review the vehicle history reports, you’ll be able to choose a vehicle based on what’s important to you. History reports will let you know if the car has ever been in an accident or not, previous owners of the vehicle, service points, and more!


In today’s society, reviews abound, and that’s good because product reviews play an integral part in ultimately helping you make your decision about purchasing a particular item or not. Shopping for a used cars allows you to pull from years of past reviews on an older vehicle, whereas buying a new  model will not give you the same amount of user reviews, simply because it’s still so new. Sure, you’ll find tons of manufacturer reviews, but nothing compares to hearing about John Smith’s experience. When it comes down to it, it’s simply more relatable.


Before you make a final decision on the type of make and model you want, be sure to scour the internet for reviews on the vehicle you’re considering, and make a list of pros and cons of various models to take with you while you shop and test drive.


Who says that new-car smell only applies to brand new vehicles? Many previously-owned cars on the lot actually do have that much-desired “new” vehicle appeal. Why is that? Well, previously owned vehicles are rigorously cleaned and cared for before they are put on the lot. Just because it’s been used before, doesn’t mean it’s going  to look that way!


Not to mention, you’ll probably be just as excited over a new-to-you vehicle as you’d be with any other. There’s just something about that first drive in your new ride that truly feels like the start of something new. Customize your car, do whatever it is that makes your car, well, yours! With the money you’ll save by purchasing a used vehicle, you’ll be able to spend some of the leftovers on the little things that matter most to you. What a win/win situation to find yourself in!

See for Yourself

If you’re ready to shop used vehicles, don’t just take our word for it, come see for yourself all the amazing previously owned cars available to you! At Monarch Auto Sales, we take pride in our large collection of quality, previously-owned vehicles, and we know there’s something that’s just right for you. Check out our expansive inventory online, and then swing on by to take some of your favorites out for a test drive.

Our experienced staff is ready to help you make your next big decision – choosing a used vehicle that’s just right for you.

Before You Drive Away: What to Look for When Buying a Used Car

Used cars are a great option for anyone looking to purchase a new vehicle. If you’re in the market for a used car, it’s important to not only see if a vehicle fits your budget but that it will be reliable. Here are some things to consider when shopping for a pre-owned vehicle.


Do Your Research
The internet can be a great place to start when beginning your search!  Online research can be helpful when figuring out what kind of car you’re looking for, the types of cars that fit your budget, and what kind of features you’d like to have. You can also do more in-depth research if you find a car you’re interested in by learning more about the previous owners or accident history.


When inspecting the car here are a few things to consider for each major area;


The Exterior
The most apparent issues with a car are going to be on the outside. Look for any dents and scratches on the body panel. What condition does the vehicle appear to be in? Is there any concerning rust or worn areas? You should also look for any possible quick fixes to the body, which may indicate that an accident has occurred. Don’t hesitate to ask your salesman for more information about the history of the car if you find one your like.

Also check the tailpipe to ensure that no burning oil is coming out. A black, gunky tailpipe is a bad sign. Healthy exhaust dust should be dark gray and easily come off. Heavy rust may also be an indicator of a bad exhaust system.

It’s also a good idea to verify the condition of the vehicle’s tires. Tires with little tread will need to be replaced, as they can be unsafe. This is something to take into consideration when you’re trying to keep within a budget.


Under the Hood
Check to see that there are no loose hoses or obviously broken mechanisms under the hood of the car. Start the vehicle to ensure it runs smoothly, that nothing knocks or sounds off, and that no fluids are leaking. Black fluid indicates an oil leak; pink fluid indicates a transmission leak, and green fluid indicates an antifreeze leak. These can all be signs of potential problems.

If you decide to test drive the car, be sure you have it inspected by a mechanic before purchase. They can tell you more about possible issues under the hood.


The Interior
Make sure that the interior of the car is in good condition. Make note of any rips or tears in the upholstery or damage to the roof.  Also check for any damage to the floor or carpeting, interior of doors, and accessory features. Not only can interior damage be unattractive, it can indicate that the car was not well cared for by previous owners.


Test Driving
If you’re ready to take the vehicle out for a drive, there are a few more things to look out for. First, check all safety features like seat belts, airbags, brakes, turn signals, and door locks are in working order. Then, start the car and look for any rough idling or vibrations. Verify that accessories like the radio and all lights, interior and exterior, are operating correctly. Notice any funny odors that may appear once the ignition is running.

While driving, test the brakes. See that they are not squeaking too loudly and that you can stop at a reasonable pace. Test the accelerator to see if it works properly. Most importantly, at some point, try to take the vehicle to a highway or a place where you can go above 60 miles per hour. Many potential issues can be seen when driving at an accelerated speed.


Ready to get started?
When you’re looking for a dependable pre-owned vehicle, we’ve got you covered. Monarch Auto Sales in Greensboro has a huge selection of used cars. Take a look at our inventory and then stop by to learn more about each car and take a test drive. We are excited to partner with you on this exciting purchase!

Why buying a used car is a good financial decision

When you’re in the market for a car, the first question you ask is, “Should I buy new or used?” While buying a new car can be tempting, it can also be expensive. Used cars can be a great financial decision. Here are some reasons why buying used could be your best option.


It’s Less Expensive
Used cars seem to get the stigma of having problems but new cars can have their own difficulties. While new cars are nice, they tend to depreciate quickly and monthly payments can be expensive. Since most people cannot afford to pay cash for a new car, buying used can be a great option. Used cars can be paid off faster than new cars, making it easier on your finances in the future. It is generally better to trade in your used car (if you have one) in order to purchase another used car.


They’re Reliable
Today’s vehicles can last over a decade with minimal issues if well cared for. Cars can have hundreds of thousands of miles on them and still be running strong.

Some people buy new cars because they don’t want to worry about potential issues, but even new cars can have problems. If you are worried about potential issues with a vehicle, you can always request a vehicle history report to see accidents and previous ownership. This may give you some indication of the car’s history.

In the long run, it is cheaper to fix issues that come up with a used vehicle, rather than making expensive payments on a new car that is depreciating quickly.


Reasonable Financing
Many used car dealerships have great financing options to make buying a car easier.

Monarch Auto Sales has financing options for every budget. We offer a Buy Here, Pay Here option for customers. We will talk with you and figure out a comfortable payment plan even if you have bad or no credit. Find out how our Buy Here, Pay Here program goes beyond that of a typical dealership. Find out more about our financing options today.


Let Us Help
Monarch Auto Sales in Greensboro, NC, has a huge selection of used cars at competitive prices with great financing options including our autoclick application online! Shop our inventory online. Then, come visit us and go out for a test drive! We’ll help you find the best used car for your budget.

Make the Move to An Affordable Minivan: 4 Practical Reasons for Families

Looking for a great family vehicle? Don’t overlook the many practical features of a minivan. Not only do minivans make life with children easier, they are also less expensive to maintain and insure than SUVs and large sedans, according to a study by the American Automobile Association (AAA).

A Free AAA Membership and 7 Other Ways To Take Care Of Your Used Car

It’s easy to look at your car as just a way to get from Point A to Point B, but if you don’t take good care of your car, you’ll just be stuck at Point A. Even the basic things can be easy to lose track of, and some drivers aren’t even aware of the best ways to care for a car. So while we may not all be certified mechanics, here are 7 things you can do to help keep your car running for as long as possible.

1. Don’t Take Tire Pressure For Granted

You might not think about your tire pressure until you get a flat, but it’s an important thing to stay on top of even before the pressure hits zero. Whether over- or under-inflated, an improperly inflated tire can be dangerous, and can be extra harsh on your wallet. Improperly inflated tires don’t break as effectively, are more susceptible to punctures, impact gas mileage, and reduce the longevity of your tires.

2. Check Your Oil Often

There are a lot of moving parts in your engine, and oil is what keeps them moving. Oil lubricates your engine and reduces friction, so an engine that lacks the proper amount of oil can come to a screeching halt. Checking your oil every other gas refill is usually sufficient, and all it takes is a clean paper towel and a couple of minutes. Cars can often burn, leak, or otherwise use oil between oil changes, so be sure to keep an eye on the black gold and top it off as necessary.

3. Keep It Clean

It’s always nice to see your car shining in the driveway, but it’s not just a cosmetic job – a good cleaning can help keep it running. Everyday our cars deal with bugs, sun, rain, tree sap, and yes, bird “presents,” which can slowly wear away at the paint of your car, exposing the metal underneath. Usually once a month is plenty to keep your car gleaming, but location and climate can play a factor (especially if you drive through a lot of salt in the winter).

4. Cool As A Cucumber

Heat is one of your engine’s worst enemies, and keeping your cooling system running is vital to a long-lasting car. There are a handful of hoses running through your engine, carrying fluids that can run over 200 degrees, and it’s important that they’re all in working order. Keep an eye out for leaks, and look out for a faulty water pump if you smell something like syrup.

5. Don’t Let Gas Get Too Low

It’s tempting to ride a tank of gas all the way down to E to squeeze every last penny out of it, but that can also spell trouble for your engine. There’s a certain amount of sediment that settles at the bottom of your gas tank, and when you let the tank get low, you’re forcing your car to pull the dirty stuff from the bottom of the barrel.

6. Be Wary Of Warning Lights

While some car problems are obvious, others only show their face through the ominous ‘Check Engine’ light – that is, until the problem makes itself all too obvious. Many auto parts stores will check out these warnings for free and give you a good idea of what’s going on unseen. So when that pesky light pops up, don’t let it go unnoticed.

7. Look Out For Leaks

There are a lot of fluids running through your car, and it’s best that they stay there. Occasionally check under your car and watch the driveway for any mysterious puddles. Catching a leak when it’s small can help you save big down the road.

Peace Of Mind – Buy From Monarch, Get A Year Of AAA Free

There’s nothing quite like the peace of mind knowing that your car is taken care of, and at Monarch Auto Sales, we have partnered with AAA to prove that we’ve got your back. With every purchase of a car from Monarch, we will include a one-year AAA Plus Membership absolutely free, to help with any unplanned speedbumps you may run into.

Come See Our Used Car Inventory

If you’re shopping for a used car in the Greensboro, NC area, come by Monarch Auto Sales today to see our impressive inventory. Call to speak to a member of the Monarch Auto Sales team at 336-856-9707 or click here to request more information.

Meals and Wheels – Enjoy a Free Lunch or Dinner on Monarch Auto Sales

Used Car Dealers Greensboro, NC

Most used car dealers in Greensboro, N.C., don’t offer free meals with every test drive. But then again, most used car dealers aren’t Monarch Auto Sales. We love to show our customers how much we care.

That’s why from now through April of 2014, every qualified buyer who takes one of our cars for a test drive will get a lunch or dinner entrée, plus a soft drink at Bender’s Tavern right next door to our lot. The best part is it’s all on us!

Now, we can just hear the wheels turning as you read this. You’re probably thinking, “Hey, there’s no such thing as a free lunch, what’s the catch?” There is no catch. Just apply for the Guaranteed Credit Approval program financing, take your test drive and, voila! You’re on your way to a great meal and an even greater car!

At Bender’s Tavern, customers get great food in a great atmosphere.  You can choose from daily lunch specials or any of their delicious sandwiches or burger options. Try a spicy chicken wrap or a burger with all the fixings. Catch your favorite sporting event on NFL Sunday Ticket, ESPN GamePlan and MLB Extra Innings or hang out on Friday night for a little Karaoke.

After your test drive, Bender’s is the perfect place to relax and mull your options. Can’t choose between that sporty little two-door or the family sedan? Mull it over while you catch a game and eat your favorite hot dog. We know that buying a used car can be a big decision and we also know you have choices. That’s why we’re offering a free lunch or dinner on us – we appreciate your business and your time.

It’s also why we offer multiple tools to help you make an informed decision. We have knowledgeable sales people, excellent credit options and tips to help you have the best experience you can when working with a used car dealer in Greensboro, N.C.

In fact, before your visit, feel free to read through these tips for the perfect test drive. We want to make sure you have the best information available to make sure your buying experience at Monarch Auto Sales is the best it can be. We’re not afraid of questions – come on down, apply for credit and take your dream car for out for a spin.

Ready for that test drive? Hungry for that burger? Stop by our Greensboro, N.C., used car dealership today! Call to speak to a member of the Monarch Auto Sales team at 336-856-9707 or visit us online at



Five Things to Know Before Leasing a Car

buy used car greensboro ncIf you are looking for a new or used car in Greensboro, N.C., you may be tempted to consider leasing a vehicle. Since Monarch Auto Sales does not offer leases, we can admit to more than a little bias in the buy versus lease debate.

However, we truly believe buying a car is a much better idea for almost everyone. After all, we want to do business that’s good for us and our customers (that’s one of the not-so-secret secrets of running a great business).

That’s why the Monarch Auto Sales team put together a list of five major things to consider before signing a lease:

1. You’re (Probably) No Fortune Teller

One of the biggest risks you assume when you sign a lease is that your ability to afford it may change for reasons you can’t see coming. In an economy this uncertain, running into financial difficulties that force you break the terms of your lease can be a very expensive, yet all-too-possible worst case scenario. In most cases, you will be much better off with the freedom to sell the car you are paying off (if you need to) than breaking a lease.

2. Staycations Get Old After A While

Buying your own car gives you the freedom to go where you want go, when you want (or need) to go there in the years ahead. Most lessees are forced to constantly watch the odometer to ensure they won’t be rack up heavy fees for going over their mileage allotment. Staying close to home for a vacation isn’t bad every once in a while – but never feeling like you can take longer vacations or emergency trips in your vehicle can get pretty old pretty quickly.

3. Quick Fixes For Long-Term Needs Usually Don’t End Well

Chances are that you’re going to need a vehicle for a long time. And while the financial costs for leasing may be about equal (or not – read below) to a car payment for the first few years, you will absolutely pay more – a lot more – for leasing before long. The lower monthly payments dangled in front of would-be lease customers don’t look so great when you factor in the extra fees or the money you are giving away instead of building equity in something you will own for yourself one day.

4. The Lowdown on Down Payments

Some lease agreements don’t require a down payment – but many do. That’s a lot of money you have to come up with before getting into your new ride, and it’s money you won’t ever see again. Once you’re stuck in the lease loop you have to make the painful decision every few years: come up with another down payment or take over payments on the car you have been leasing.

5. The End of the Story

Dealers that offer leases make the front end of the agreement as attractive as possible. That’s because they know that the end of the agreement is often a tough deal for the person who signs a lease. Even if all goes well, and you don’t have to pay steep mileage fines, excessive wear and tear fines, fees for modifications to the vehicle or end of lease agreement fees – you are back in the exact same spot where you started.

On the other hand, you can buy a used car that fits your needs and your budget, pay a little more each month for the first few years, but in the end own what you have been putting your hard-earned money toward all along. What’s more – you will have a lot more freedom every step of the way.

If you have questions about leasing versus buying a used car in Greensboro, N.C., give us a call at Monarch Auto Sales: 336-856-9707. Or, come by and let our honest, friendly staff give you a no-pressure look at some dependable used cars that really work for what you really need today.



What Kind of Used Car Buyer Are You?

bad credit car sales greensboro ncYou know you need to buy a used car, but do you know how to best go about it? Whether you’re aware of it or not, you likely approach buying a used car in one of five ways. Check out the descriptions below and discover which category best describes you and your car buying style.

Deal Seekers

Deal seekers are easily lured by discounts and deals (even if they’re not particularly good ones). When offered the dealer’s “invoice price,” they immediately jump on the deal, figuring they’re getting a big discount from the dealership. Unfortunately, automakers were onto this games years ago and have been fattening wholesale prices ever since. Before being swayed by sticker savings, conduct a few price comparisons. The most informed car buyer is often the most successful deal seeker.

Bashful Buyers

The “Eeyore” of car buyers, bashful buyers feel they have nothing to offer a used car dealership. Whether money is tight or they have a poor or limited credit history, they feel like they’re doomed to remain car-less before they even begin car shopping. Most bashful buyers are unaware of an ideal option for them: a buy here, pay here car dealership specializing in bad credit car sales.

Hesitant Hopefuls

Hesitant hopefuls are often the most anxious type of car buyer. They scour the Internet searching for the perfect used car at the perfect price, and often get frustrated when they can’t find exactly what they’re searching for, exactly when they’re searching for it. If you’re the hesitant hopeful waiting for the car equivalent of Mr. Right, you may be missing out on some cars compatible with you, your lifestyle, and your budget. So, browse around! You may find your ideal car where you least expect it.

Headlong Divers

On the opposite side of the spectrum, headlong divers tend to commit to a car right away. After looking at one or two options, they pick a car based on little more than gut instinct, then sign the necessary paperwork and drive the car off the lot shortly thereafter. While an impulsive decision may not necessarily be a bad one, a car is a big commitment and should not be taken lightly.

Savvy Shoppers

Savvy shoppers approach car buying in moderation. They conduct the necessary research, shop around at a few dealerships and make an educated decision. While they may consider the benefits of a good deal, they rarely decide to buy a car for the price alone. They determine which car is the best all-around value for what they can afford and what they need out of a car.

Which Type of Car Buyer Should I Be?

Since we opened shop in 1998, the world of used car sales has considerably changed. However, how people should approach buying a used car hasn’t changed much at all. If you are interested in purchasing a quality used car with little or no credit, call Monarch Auto Sales (336-856-9707); visit our website to check out our online inventory; or stop by our used car dealership in Greensboro, N.C., today.


Ten Tips for a Terrific Test Drive

used cars for sale greensboro ncTest drives are an essential aspect of buying a used car. Not only does a well-conducted test drive allow you to perform an initial analysis of the car in question, but it also provides you with the opportunity to separate the “meh” from the marvelous at a used car dealership.

The question is, how do you know if you’re taking a quality used car on a quality test drive? Well, after a quick poll of the Monarch Auto Sales team, we’ve rounded up a few tips for future test drivers:

1. Be Switzerland.

It may be tempting to only consider test driving a used car that is 1) your favorite color, with 2) your preferred style of interior, and 3) all of the bells and whistles you imagined in your ideal auto. Instead, remain as neutral as possible when considering test drive options at your local used car dealership. In most cases, we believe you’ll find your initial prejudice unjustified.

2. Have a mantra.

While keeping an open mind is a must, creating a list of “must haves” is too. If you need a used car that is fuel efficient, you don’t want to waste your time test driving bulky, gas-guzzling SUVs. Approach each car dealership with this mantra of “must haves” in mind. This will likely prevent you from getting sidetracked by a car that’s great, but not great for you.

3. Bring an honest friend.

Never underestimate the value of a good backseat test driver. The impartial perspective of an honest friend will often reveal things about the used car you’re considering that you never would have discovered otherwise.

4. Be part-diva, part-special investigator.

Ask the salesman/saleswoman lots of questions. Examine the car under the hood. Kick the tires (if you must). Turn off and on the air conditioner and heater repeatedly to make sure everything’s in working order. Anything and everything you’re curious about is fair game. Don’t worry! We won’t take it personally. In fact, we encourage our customers to be high maintenance!

5. Take your sweet, sweet time.

Everyone test drives a little bit differently. While that’s fine, conducting a test drive around the block and back simply is not. Take the car across town and on a variety of roads. From a neighborhood circle to a busy street to a fast-paced freeway, make sure you’ve seen how the used car you’re considering handles in several different circumstances.

6. Don’t blare the music.

Unless you’re testing the sound system, keep the radio turned off. While you’re conducting your test drive, you should also be on the lookout for any unusual noises or sounds coming from the tires, engine or other car systems.

7. Avoid driving like you’re in an action movie.

There’s no need to reenact a scene from Fast and the Furious 2. Just drive as your normally would, while paying plenty of attention to what the car’s doing, how it sounds, and what it feels like. Unless you’re buying a sports car, there’s no real need to do figure eights in the parking lot or see how quickly the car can reach 90 miles per hour.

8. Be commitment-phobic.

Just because you’ve taken one or two cars on a test drive doesn’t mean you should stop there. Keep looking around the dealership for any other used cars that tickle your fancy. Believe us, there’s no such thing as too many test drives!

9. Scribble down notes.

After each test drive, be sure to keep a record of your overall experience – including what you liked and disliked, as well as any other things you wouldn’t want to forget. This will help keep each test drive straight in your mind and often lead to a more informed decision down the road.

10. Trust the car dealer.

Choosing a trustworthy car dealer is an essential element of any successful test drive.  If you’re skeptical of the person selling you the used car, you will probably be even more skeptical of the car in question. Rather than trying to play a game of 20 Questions with the car dealer, start with the only one that matters, “Can I trust you to sell me a quality used car?”

At Monarch Auto Sales, we pride ourselves on our quality collection of used cars, as well as our commitment to providing a pleasant used car buying experience. If you’re searching for an affordable used car in Greensboro, N.C., come and stop by our Greensboro used car dealership! We’re standing by with friendly faces and honest intentions, and are ready to help make your next test drive terrific!

Stop by our Greensboro, N.C., used car dealership today! Call to speak to a member of the Monarch Auto Sales team (336-856-9707), or visit us online to take a look at our online inventory.


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