Make the Move to An Affordable Minivan: 4 Practical Reasons for Families

Looking for a great family vehicle? Don’t overlook the many practical features of a minivan. Not only do minivans make life with children easier, they are also less expensive to maintain and insure than SUVs and large sedans, according to a study by the American Automobile Association (AAA).

A Free AAA Membership and 7 Other Ways To Take Care Of Your Used Car

It’s easy to look at your car as just a way to get from Point A to Point B, but if you don’t take good care of your car, you’ll just be stuck at Point A. Even the basic things can be easy to lose track of, and some drivers aren’t even aware of the best ways to care for a car. So while we may not all be certified mechanics, here are 7 things you can do to help keep your car running for as long as possible.

1. Don’t Take Tire Pressure For Granted

You might not think about your tire pressure until you get a flat, but it’s an important thing to stay on top of even before the pressure hits zero. Whether over- or under-inflated, an improperly inflated tire can be dangerous, and can be extra harsh on your wallet. Improperly inflated tires don’t break as effectively, are more susceptible to punctures, impact gas mileage, and reduce the longevity of your tires.

2. Check Your Oil Often

There are a lot of moving parts in your engine, and oil is what keeps them moving. Oil lubricates your engine and reduces friction, so an engine that lacks the proper amount of oil can come to a screeching halt. Checking your oil every other gas refill is usually sufficient, and all it takes is a clean paper towel and a couple of minutes. Cars can often burn, leak, or otherwise use oil between oil changes, so be sure to keep an eye on the black gold and top it off as necessary.

3. Keep It Clean

It’s always nice to see your car shining in the driveway, but it’s not just a cosmetic job – a good cleaning can help keep it running. Everyday our cars deal with bugs, sun, rain, tree sap, and yes, bird “presents,” which can slowly wear away at the paint of your car, exposing the metal underneath. Usually once a month is plenty to keep your car gleaming, but location and climate can play a factor (especially if you drive through a lot of salt in the winter).

4. Cool As A Cucumber

Heat is one of your engine’s worst enemies, and keeping your cooling system running is vital to a long-lasting car. There are a handful of hoses running through your engine, carrying fluids that can run over 200 degrees, and it’s important that they’re all in working order. Keep an eye out for leaks, and look out for a faulty water pump if you smell something like syrup.

5. Don’t Let Gas Get Too Low

It’s tempting to ride a tank of gas all the way down to E to squeeze every last penny out of it, but that can also spell trouble for your engine. There’s a certain amount of sediment that settles at the bottom of your gas tank, and when you let the tank get low, you’re forcing your car to pull the dirty stuff from the bottom of the barrel.

6. Be Wary Of Warning Lights

While some car problems are obvious, others only show their face through the ominous ‘Check Engine’ light – that is, until the problem makes itself all too obvious. Many auto parts stores will check out these warnings for free and give you a good idea of what’s going on unseen. So when that pesky light pops up, don’t let it go unnoticed.

7. Look Out For Leaks

There are a lot of fluids running through your car, and it’s best that they stay there. Occasionally check under your car and watch the driveway for any mysterious puddles. Catching a leak when it’s small can help you save big down the road.

Peace Of Mind – Buy From Monarch, Get A Year Of AAA Free

There’s nothing quite like the peace of mind knowing that your car is taken care of, and at Monarch Auto Sales, we have partnered with AAA to prove that we’ve got your back. With every purchase of a car from Monarch, we will include a one-year AAA Plus Membership absolutely free, to help with any unplanned speedbumps you may run into.

Come See Our Used Car Inventory

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