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We finance your future, not your past.

If you have poor credit or no credit and are looking for dealerships offering Buy Here, Pay Here, Greensboro, N.C., is the place to be. Greensboro-based Monarch Auto Sales has been partnering with customers in a variety of financial situations to provide dependable cars since 1998.

Owner and licensed used car dealer David Lanzer started Monarch Auto Sales of Greensboro as part of a larger mission: to help customers with poor credit break the vicious financing cycle and to help those with no credit get a start on their dreams.

Monarch Auto Sales’ Buy Here, Pay Here program is based on our core values: We are committed to financial integrity, peace of mind for our customers, and the most reliable products at the most reasonable prices.

We offer a better way to buy a car.

Monarch Auto Sales offers a better way to buy your next vehicle in Greensboro, N.C. Our personalized Buy Here, Pay Here process just makes sense: We listen to you, find out where you are and what you can afford, and talk through any unanswered financial questions. From that foundation, we can tailor a finance program and select an appropriate vehicle to suit your circumstances.

Visit Monarch Auto Sales and discover experienced staff and certified used car dealers who don’t just sell cars, but who take a personal interest in you and your situation.

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1. How does Buy Here, Pay Here work?

At Monarch Auto Sales, Buy Here, Pay Here refers to an in-house financing and payment program. We arrange financing with a reputable national lender.

Monarch Auto Sales resembles other Buy Here, Pay Here dealerships in the ease of locally (guaranteed) credit approval, but that’s where the resemblance ends. The rest of our program far outpaces other Greensboro Buy Here, Pay Here programs: We offer GAP insurance, warranties, and most importantly, we report each and every payment to the credit bureau. We also tend to offer vehicles with lower mileage and newer model years than most other Buy Here, Pay Here dealers.

 2. Does everyone who applies at a Buy Here, Pay Here dealership qualify for financing?

Monarch Auto Sales guarantees approval for financing if customers can produce legitimate proof of income and residency, as well as a valid, up-to-date driver’s license. Please note: The NC DMV requires a North Carolina issued drivers’ license. Other states’ licenses will not provide DMV tax, title and license plate services.

3. How does your Greensboro, NC, Buy Here, Pay Here dealership provide financing?

Monarch Auto Sales uses Credit Acceptance Corporation as our primary financing source. CAC allows us to finance any vehicle in our inventory with guaranteed credit approval, and they help our customers build or rebuild credit by reporting each payment to the credit bureau. They become the lien holder on your vehicle, and all payments are made to them.

4. What is involved in a credit application?

In order to complete your application for Buy Here, Pay Here financing, Monarch Auto Sales will need basic personal data (social security number, date of birth, address/phone info and income). Prior to delivering the vehicle, we’ll need copies of your driver’s license, utility bill/bank statement, proof of income and five references.

5. What if I have no credit?

We are one of very few dealerships in and around Greensboro, N.C., willing to extend credit to those with a zero credit score.

6. Are there any credit situations requiring special attention?

If you are the midst of a bankruptcy, your application for Buy Here, Pay Here financing would require approval from your trustee to proceed with a financed purchase.

7. Does your Buy Here, Pay Here financing program require a down payment?

It varies. If you have your own finance source down payments could be $0.  With our Buy Here, Pay Here program, we have down payments starting as low as 10% of the vehicle sale price.

8. Why do I need to bring references?

We only use the references you provide as a channel to contact you if we cannot reach you with other contact information that we have.

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