Top 4 Reasons for Purchasing a Used Car

In the market for a new vehicle? Overwhelmed by hefty price tags on new models? Maybe your beloved vehicle stopped working unexpectedly, or  maybe your family is growing and the sports car you have is no longer practical for your needs. Whatever situation you find yourself in, looking for a new car can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be!

Enter the “new-to-you-car,” otherwise known as a used car. If you’re budget-minded and don’t want to go into debt over a new set of wheels, shopping used cars really can be shopping smarter, not harder. On the fence about whether you should go new or used? Before you hit the dealership, check out our top four reasons for purchasing a used vehicle.


Buyer’s remorse is very real, and while the idea of a brand-new vehicle may be appealing at the time, the large loans you may have to take out, and the monthly car payment you might be stuck with, may take some of the charm out of your sparkling new ride. However, previously owned vehicles are more affordable, requiring you to take out a much smaller loan, if any at all! Not to mention, when you drive a new car off the lot to head home, the value depreciates instantly.

When you take your time shopping around and find a used vehicle that boasts things you want, like fairly low mileage, a clean interior and exterior, and more, you’ll be impressed with the bang you can get for your buck! Chances are when you look back on your purchase, you’ll smile thinking of the savings as opposed to stressing thinking of the hefty price tag.


One of the big advantages of  purchasing a used vehicle is the fact that by the time you’re driving the car off the lot, you have a pretty good working knowledge of that car’s history thus far.  Every car has a story. You get the benefit of reading that story, and then determining whether or not that particular vehicle will be a good fit for your transportation wants and needs. Online services like CARFAX allow you to access reports for vehicles you are considering. When you review the vehicle history reports, you’ll be able to choose a vehicle based on what’s important to you. History reports will let you know if the car has ever been in an accident or not, previous owners of the vehicle, service points, and more!


In today’s society, reviews abound, and that’s good because product reviews play an integral part in ultimately helping you make your decision about purchasing a particular item or not. Shopping for a used cars allows you to pull from years of past reviews on an older vehicle, whereas buying a new  model will not give you the same amount of user reviews, simply because it’s still so new. Sure, you’ll find tons of manufacturer reviews, but nothing compares to hearing about John Smith’s experience. When it comes down to it, it’s simply more relatable.


Before you make a final decision on the type of make and model you want, be sure to scour the internet for reviews on the vehicle you’re considering, and make a list of pros and cons of various models to take with you while you shop and test drive.


Who says that new-car smell only applies to brand new vehicles? Many previously-owned cars on the lot actually do have that much-desired “new” vehicle appeal. Why is that? Well, previously owned vehicles are rigorously cleaned and cared for before they are put on the lot. Just because it’s been used before, doesn’t mean it’s going  to look that way!


Not to mention, you’ll probably be just as excited over a new-to-you vehicle as you’d be with any other. There’s just something about that first drive in your new ride that truly feels like the start of something new. Customize your car, do whatever it is that makes your car, well, yours! With the money you’ll save by purchasing a used vehicle, you’ll be able to spend some of the leftovers on the little things that matter most to you. What a win/win situation to find yourself in!

See for Yourself

If you’re ready to shop used vehicles, don’t just take our word for it, come see for yourself all the amazing previously owned cars available to you! At Monarch Auto Sales, we take pride in our large collection of quality, previously-owned vehicles, and we know there’s something that’s just right for you. Check out our expansive inventory online, and then swing on by to take some of your favorites out for a test drive.

Our experienced staff is ready to help you make your next big decision – choosing a used vehicle that’s just right for you.

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