Make the Move to An Affordable Minivan: 4 Practical Reasons for Families

Looking for a great family vehicle? Don’t overlook the many practical features of a minivan. Not only do minivans make life with children easier, they are also less expensive to maintain and insure than SUVs and large sedans, according to a study by the American Automobile Association (AAA).

4 Top Minivan Features

Consider these four unique features of minivans that make them a practical and family-friendly vehicle choice:

  1. Sliding Doors
    Easy-to-open sliding doors are a life-saver if you are carrying a baby seat or bags of groceries. They also allow older children to easily open the door by themselves without worrying about a scrape to the car next to you in the parking lot.
  2. Easy Third Row Access
    Folding down a seat and contorting yourself to reach the third row of an SUV can be time-consuming and awkward. Minivans offer an effortless way to reach the third-row seat.
  3. A Place for Every Drink
    Minivans have plenty of cupholders, so whether you need spots for a bottle and sippy cups for the little ones, or room for water bottles and soft drinks for the older ones, you’ll be covered.
  4. No Hassle with Loading
    Whether you’re hauling suitcases for vacation, a baby stroller, or picking up supplies from the home improvement store, a minivan gives you generous storage that’s easy to access.


Find an Affordable Van with No High-Pressure Sales
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