What Kind of Used Car Buyer Are You?

bad credit car sales greensboro ncYou know you need to buy a used car, but do you know how to best go about it? Whether you’re aware of it or not, you likely approach buying a used car in one of five ways. Check out the descriptions below and discover which category best describes you and your car buying style.

Deal Seekers

Deal seekers are easily lured by discounts and deals (even if they’re not particularly good ones). When offered the dealer’s “invoice price,” they immediately jump on the deal, figuring they’re getting a big discount from the dealership. Unfortunately, automakers were onto this games years ago and have been fattening wholesale prices ever since. Before being swayed by sticker savings, conduct a few price comparisons. The most informed car buyer is often the most successful deal seeker.

Bashful Buyers

The “Eeyore” of car buyers, bashful buyers feel they have nothing to offer a used car dealership. Whether money is tight or they have a poor or limited credit history, they feel like they’re doomed to remain car-less before they even begin car shopping. Most bashful buyers are unaware of an ideal option for them: a buy here, pay here car dealership specializing in bad credit car sales.

Hesitant Hopefuls

Hesitant hopefuls are often the most anxious type of car buyer. They scour the Internet searching for the perfect used car at the perfect price, and often get frustrated when they can’t find exactly what they’re searching for, exactly when they’re searching for it. If you’re the hesitant hopeful waiting for the car equivalent of Mr. Right, you may be missing out on some cars compatible with you, your lifestyle, and your budget. So, browse around! You may find your ideal car where you least expect it.

Headlong Divers

On the opposite side of the spectrum, headlong divers tend to commit to a car right away. After looking at one or two options, they pick a car based on little more than gut instinct, then sign the necessary paperwork and drive the car off the lot shortly thereafter. While an impulsive decision may not necessarily be a bad one, a car is a big commitment and should not be taken lightly.

Savvy Shoppers

Savvy shoppers approach car buying in moderation. They conduct the necessary research, shop around at a few dealerships and make an educated decision. While they may consider the benefits of a good deal, they rarely decide to buy a car for the price alone. They determine which car is the best all-around value for what they can afford and what they need out of a car.

Which Type of Car Buyer Should I Be?

Since we opened shop in 1998, the world of used car sales has considerably changed. However, how people should approach buying a used car hasn’t changed much at all. If you are interested in purchasing a quality used car with little or no credit, call Monarch Auto Sales (336-856-9707); visit our website to check out our online inventory; or stop by our used car dealership in Greensboro, N.C., today.


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