Ten Tips for a Terrific Test Drive

used cars for sale greensboro ncTest drives are an essential aspect of buying a used car. Not only does a well-conducted test drive allow you to perform an initial analysis of the car in question, but it also provides you with the opportunity to separate the “meh” from the marvelous at a used car dealership.

The question is, how do you know if you’re taking a quality used car on a quality test drive? Well, after a quick poll of the Monarch Auto Sales team, we’ve rounded up a few tips for future test drivers:

1. Be Switzerland.

It may be tempting to only consider test driving a used car that is 1) your favorite color, with 2) your preferred style of interior, and 3) all of the bells and whistles you imagined in your ideal auto. Instead, remain as neutral as possible when considering test drive options at your local used car dealership. In most cases, we believe you’ll find your initial prejudice unjustified.

2. Have a mantra.

While keeping an open mind is a must, creating a list of “must haves” is too. If you need a used car that is fuel efficient, you don’t want to waste your time test driving bulky, gas-guzzling SUVs. Approach each car dealership with this mantra of “must haves” in mind. This will likely prevent you from getting sidetracked by a car that’s great, but not great for you.

3. Bring an honest friend.

Never underestimate the value of a good backseat test driver. The impartial perspective of an honest friend will often reveal things about the used car you’re considering that you never would have discovered otherwise.

4. Be part-diva, part-special investigator.

Ask the salesman/saleswoman lots of questions. Examine the car under the hood. Kick the tires (if you must). Turn off and on the air conditioner and heater repeatedly to make sure everything’s in working order. Anything and everything you’re curious about is fair game. Don’t worry! We won’t take it personally. In fact, we encourage our customers to be high maintenance!

5. Take your sweet, sweet time.

Everyone test drives a little bit differently. While that’s fine, conducting a test drive around the block and back simply is not. Take the car across town and on a variety of roads. From a neighborhood circle to a busy street to a fast-paced freeway, make sure you’ve seen how the used car you’re considering handles in several different circumstances.

6. Don’t blare the music.

Unless you’re testing the sound system, keep the radio turned off. While you’re conducting your test drive, you should also be on the lookout for any unusual noises or sounds coming from the tires, engine or other car systems.

7. Avoid driving like you’re in an action movie.

There’s no need to reenact a scene from Fast and the Furious 2. Just drive as your normally would, while paying plenty of attention to what the car’s doing, how it sounds, and what it feels like. Unless you’re buying a sports car, there’s no real need to do figure eights in the parking lot or see how quickly the car can reach 90 miles per hour.

8. Be commitment-phobic.

Just because you’ve taken one or two cars on a test drive doesn’t mean you should stop there. Keep looking around the dealership for any other used cars that tickle your fancy. Believe us, there’s no such thing as too many test drives!

9. Scribble down notes.

After each test drive, be sure to keep a record of your overall experience – including what you liked and disliked, as well as any other things you wouldn’t want to forget. This will help keep each test drive straight in your mind and often lead to a more informed decision down the road.

10. Trust the car dealer.

Choosing a trustworthy car dealer is an essential element of any successful test drive.  If you’re skeptical of the person selling you the used car, you will probably be even more skeptical of the car in question. Rather than trying to play a game of 20 Questions with the car dealer, start with the only one that matters, “Can I trust you to sell me a quality used car?”

At Monarch Auto Sales, we pride ourselves on our quality collection of used cars, as well as our commitment to providing a pleasant used car buying experience. If you’re searching for an affordable used car in Greensboro, N.C., come and stop by our Greensboro used car dealership! We’re standing by with friendly faces and honest intentions, and are ready to help make your next test drive terrific!

Stop by our Greensboro, N.C., used car dealership today! Call to speak to a member of the Monarch Auto Sales team (336-856-9707), or visit us online to take a look at our online inventory.


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