Car Dealer or Craigslist: Where’s the Best Place to Buy a Used Car?

Greensboro Used Car DealersFrom Justin Timberlake’s half-eaten French toast to your own personal jetpack, the Internet has graciously made it possible for budding entrepreneurs everywhere to easily sell their wares online – be they big, small, or even just plain weird.

And, thanks to sites like Craigslist, the same holds true for used cars. Online classified ads (like those found on Craigslist) allow private sellers to rid themselves of their old vehicles, and turn a tidy profit, in just a few short days. Sounds great, right?

But, the question still remains, is purchasing a used car on sites like Craigslist a good idea for used car buyers? The staff at Monarch Auto Sales is skeptical, and here’s why you should be too…


Most people expect to get a better deal from a private seller than a car dealer. But, what happens if the deal proves too good to be true? While we’re not saying it’s impossible to purchase a lemon from a car dealer, a dealership does have its own reputation on the line each time it sells a car. A private seller, on the other hand, is never held to that same standard.  And, unless you’re a mechanic or an auto expert, it’s unlikely you’ll have the mechanical know-how necessary to successfully distinguish a clunker from a quality car.


Short of a blood-sworn oath or spit handshake, private sellers aren’t known for making guarantees or extending warranties to their customers. A dealer’s promise, or better yet, their guarantee, provides customers with peace of mind and the assurance that someone is willing to stand behind the dependability of the car they’re buying. Most dealers (including Monarch Auto Sales) are also regulated by the Department of Motor Vehicles and are held accountable to their rules and provisions.


Signing sheet after sheet of paperwork may seem like a hassle when you’re buying a new or used car, but it’s actually a necessity. Transferring the title of a car is particularly crucial, because without the title you do not legally own the car in question. While a dealer will often handle this title transfer quickly – right at the dealership – it’s generally more complicated when dealing with a private seller (particularly if they’ve never sold a car before).


Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, anyone who’s ever watched the nightly news knows that Craigslist can be a dangerous place to purchase items online. Even if the person you’re buying a used car from isn’t interested in hurting you, they may still be interested in scamming you. In fact, over the past few years, there have been many reports of Craigslist car scams. (Have you ever heard what happened to Tina Morris?)

While we’re not saying that all private sellers are bad – or that all used car dealerships are good – we can honestly say that at Monarch Auto Sales we stand by each of the vehicles we sell. We also have your best interests at heart. So, if you’re interested in purchasing a quality car from a respected used car dealer in Greensboro, N.C., give us a call or stop by Monarch Auto Sales today!



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