A Twenty-Something’s Guide to Buying a Used Car

Bad credit car sales greensboro ncYour twenties are supposed to be the most exciting years of your life. And they are…for the most part. Looking back on that illustrious decade, you will undoubtedly remember those early mornings after the bar closed. The week at the end of the month you spent living on solely mac ‘n cheese or ramen noodles until you got your paycheck. The crazy amount of money you paid for a pair of shoes you only ever wore once. You’ll probably look back with a smile and laugh at how wild, impulsive and poor you were then.

But, let’s be honest here. Through the rose-tinted glasses you suddenly acquire on your thirtieth birthday, the financial stresses of your twenties virtually disappear. Unless you’re living them, that is. Between student loans, rent, furnishing your first place, and saving enough money to cover your weekend bar tab, affording a car payment (let alone maintaining a good enough credit score to purchase a quality new or used car) can seem nearly impossible.

That’s why used car dealerships, like Monarch Auto Sales in Greensboro, offer Buy Here Pay Here financing to prospective car buyers. Car buyers whose credit score may currently stand in the way of them purchasing a quality used car at an affordable price.

If you’re a twenty-something trying to get behind the wheel of a quality used car, but have poor credit (or even zero credit) standing in the way, Monarch Auto Sales will work with you to find a newer, quality used car. One with lower mileage than most of our competitors can provide.

While most dealers are unable to offer credit approval to car buyers with poor or no credit, Monarch Auto Sales guarantees credit approval through our Buy Here Pay Here financing program. Prospective buyers must simply demonstrate legitimate proof of income and residency, as well as a valid, up-to-date driver’s license. All you need to bring to the dealership is a copy of your driver’s license, a recent utility bill or bank statement, proof of income, and at least five references.

Beyond getting approved, providing enough money for a down payment can be a challenge for many twenty-somethings. Luckily, the Buy Here Pay Here program at Monarch Auto Sales has down payment options starting as low as 10% of the vehicle sale price. This means you can spend less time saving and more time driving!

If you’re interested in applying to our Guaranteed Credit Approval Program, visit our Credit Application page for more information. A representative should respond within 24 hours of receiving your credit application, but you can even call us to expedite the credit approval process.

With a dependable car and a life filled with endless possibilities, there’s no reason your twenties can’t be the best years of your life with a car payment!

Head to Monarch Auto Sales for a test drive today!

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