Seven Questions You Should Never Be Afraid to Ask a Buy Here, Pay Here Car Dealer

Bad credit car loan greensboro nc

Making a good car buying decision starts with asking your dealer the right questions. If you have bad credit and are looking for a car loan in Greensboro, NC, Buy Here, Pay Here financing may be the ideal answer for you! You don’t have to take our word for it – simply ask your dealer a few questions and decide for yourself if you like the answers!

What will my monthly bill look like?

Setting a budget and sticking with it is essential when considering buying a used car. At Monarch Auto Sales, we know that keeping your monthly payments low may be more important to your financial stability than the overall life of your car loan (particularly if you are currently living paycheck to paycheck). The right car dealer will work tirelessly to find the best Buy Here, Pay Here financing option for you.

Do I need to make a large down payment?

This is an important question, because every situation and dealer are different. However, with Monarch Auto Sales’ Buy Here, Pay Here program, the answer is often “no.” Down payments start as low as 10% of a vehicle’s sale price.

Will you be able to help ‘fix’ my credit?

Buy Here, Pay Here car dealers make it easier for you to buy a car with bad credit, but they can also help improve your credit score over time. At Monarch Auto Sales, we report each and every payment to credit bureaus to help you reestablish a positive relationship with creditors. While this is merely one method to improve your credit score, it can go a long way toward a more financially secure future.

What if I have recently declared bankruptcy?

While this situation can be rather sticky, many Buy Here, Pay Here car dealers may be able to help you despite a bankruptcy claim. At Monarch Auto Sales, we simply require trustee approval to proceed with a financed purchase.

What do I need to bring with me?

Once you decide to apply for Buy Here, Pay Here financing, you may wonder what information or documentation you will need to provide to get approved. Monarch Auto Sales offers guaranteed approval for Buy Here, Pay Here financing, if customers can produce legitimate proof of income and residency, as well as a valid, up-to-date driver’s license.

How long does it take?

Many dealers may not be as “quick” at notifying you of your credit approval as you might wish. At Monarch Auto Sales, we pride ourselves on our speedy Guaranteed Credit Approval Program. We make the effort to respond within 24 hours of receiving your application or you can call 336-218-5083 to expedite the process.

Why should I buy a car from you?

Too often, car buyers – particularly those looking for bad credit car loans – will be so anxious at the thought of being approved or denied for a loan that they will forget to focus on the even more important question, “Is this dealership the right place for me to buy my car?” So, turn the tables on your car dealer! Ask them why they deserve your business! On our end, Monarch Auto Sales resembles other Buy Here, Pay Here car dealerships only in the ease of credit approval for customers with bad credit. We also offer GAP insurance, warranties, and most importantly, we report all of your payments to credit bureaus to help you rebuild your credit history.

Did we miss any questions that you’ve been afraid to ask a Buy Here, Pay Here car dealer? Give us a call or stop by Monarch Auto Sales ( in Greensboro, NC today! We guarantee you answers!

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