How to Buy a Good Car with Bad Credit

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Hearing a car dealer say, “Bad credit? No problem!” may seem too good to be true. Lucky for you, having a poor credit score won’t put the brakes on your deal at Monarch Auto Sales in Greensboro, NC.

If you are in the market for a quality used car, don’t worry that your questionable credit score will make things difficult (or your situation impossible).  Simply follow these five short steps to ensure you drive that hot set of wheels off of our lot in no time:

Step 1: Check Your Credit Score

When looking for bad credit auto loans in Greensboro, NC, many people make the assumption that they have a bad credit score without doing any research. It is always better to have an accurate idea of your current credit score and previous credit history, before you start shopping (or, in some cases, weeping in dismay).

Step 2: Know What to Expect

An excellent option for individuals looking for bad credit auto loans is Buy Here, Pay Here financing.  The Buy Here, Pay Here program at Monarch Auto Sales is easy and customized to meet the financial needs of our customers. We even guarantee auto loan financing approval for everyone who provides legitimate proof of income and residency as well as a valid, up-to-date driver’s license.

Step 3: Choose Your Car

Before concerning yourself with obtaining an auto loan when you have a bad credit rating, it’s time for the fun part – discovering a car that’s just right for you! Several used car dealerships in Greensboro, NC may offer Buy Here, Pay Here financing, but the quality of their inventory is just not up to snuff. At Monarch Auto Sales, we have a wide selection of quality used cars to meet the financial needs (and personal dreams) of each customer.

Step 4: Fill out a Credit Application

Monarch Auto Sales offers auto loan financing through Credit Acceptance Corporation. In order to apply for Buy Here, Pay Here financing, you simply need to provide some basic documentation, as well as at least five references. For those in the midst of bankruptcy, your Buy Here, Pay Here financing will merely require trustee approval in order to proceed with the purchase.

Step 5: Drive Your New Car Home!

Once your credit application has been approved, the rest of the process is short and sweet!

We told you it wouldn’t be so hard to snag those keys after all!


For additional information on procuring a bad credit auto loan in Greensboro, NC or to check out our quality collection of superior used cars, visit Monarch Auto Sales ( or give us a call today!


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