Myth Busters, Monarch-Style

Used Car Dealerships | Monarch Auto SalesWhether you are seriously contemplating buying a used car or just scoping out the inventory at local used car dealerships in Greensboro, NC, you may be skeptical about the trade-offs associated with purchasing a used or “previously loved” vehicle. Your doubts may be natural or they may be the unfortunate result of some major misinformation. If the latter is true, join us as we bust a few commonly held myths and misconceptions about buying a used car!

 MYTH #1: Used car = “lemon.”

Reality: Respected used car dealerships take many steps to ensure the quality of a used car or truck before placing it on the lot. At Monarch Auto Sales in Greensboro, NC, we fully inspect each car and professionally guarantee every car on our lot. If you still fear being stuck with a dreaded “lemon,” we encourage you to have the vehicle inspected by an outside party. We understand your need for complete peace of mind and will work with you to provide it!

 MYTH #2: All cars quickly lose their value.

Reality: One of the hidden costs of buying a new car is rapid depreciation–that big drop in a car’s value from year to year. While both new and used cars depreciate over time, the rate of depreciation is generally much higher for new cars, particularly in the first few years of ownership. That’s why leading used car dealerships, like Monarch Auto Sale, help potential car buyers see the entire cost of the vehicle they are considering and encourage comparative shopping.

 MYTH #3: There’s a limited selection of quality used cars.

Reality: Most people want a nice car that’s even nicer for their budget. Unfortunately, finding a used car that’s perfect for you can often feel like searching for a needle in a haystack (or about as likely as finding your soulmate on next season’s The Bachelor). While it may be tough to find that ideal car, comparative online shopping at places like is a great place to start. Once you decide on a few makes and models, heading to a respected dealer with an extensive selection of quality used cars is a great next step!

 MYTH #4: Nowadays, used cars are not as good of a deal.

Reality: Although rumors of continued high prices for “previously loved” and popular models of used cars are still widespread, the price of a quality used car does not have to be steep. At Monarch Auto Sales, we only offer customers a selection of cars we know they can afford. We also work with you to tailor a personalized finance program that meets your every need.

For more information on used car dealerships in Greensboro, NC and to view our extensive collection of pre-owned cars, trucks, and vans at hard-to-beat prices, visit Monarch Auto Sales ( or give us a call today!

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