What That Polyester Leisure Suit Can Teach You About Choosing the Right Car Dealer

Greensboro Used Cars - Leisure Suit StereotypeHey, Greensboro! Used cars don’t have to be overpriced and under-financed! Discover a used car dealer in Greensboro with a top-notch inventory and reputable financing options who can help you get into the vehicle you need without compromising your financial security.

Ah, the ‘70s. They brought us The BeeGees, disco, Star Wars…and the polyester leisure suit. You know what we’re talking about: the double-seamed contrasting yoke detailing, the wide cuffs, the bell-bottom silhouette, the bright colors (emerald, anyone? saffron?).

For a couple of decades, the polyester leisure suit formed the wardrobe of champions, even making it onto John Travolta’s celebrated shoulders in Saturday Night Fever. The synthetic material gained traction as the ultimate “comfort” material and an easy-care, inexpensive solution to the formal dress code of the 20th century American male. Unfortunately, the fabric wasn’t just cheap to produce, it also looked cheap. Compared to natural fabrics, like wool and cotton, polyester showed wear and tear faster, held body odors longer and had less airflow.

As its popularity waned, one American subculture held on, fearlessly, to the beloved leisure suit: the second-rate used car salesman. We can thank him for making “polyester leisure suit” synonymous with “sleaze”.

So, what can we learn from this paragon of bad taste, this epitome of sartorial sleaze, this emblem of shady deals?

Believe it or not, Monarch Auto Sales has learned three lessons about choosing the right used car dealer from the “salesman suit” that we’d like to share with you:

1. Go natural.

Perhaps polyester was destined for greatness. Then again, perhaps not. When the disadvantages of the new fabric became clear, “the fabric of our lives” gained popularity again, and the fashion market swung back to breathable, all-natural fabrics and cotton blends.

Why this lesson in textile history? Because we actually think the same market principles apply to used car dealerships:

  • Your used car dealership has a responsibility to ensure that the vehicles they put on the lot are reliable and that they’ll last through the long-haul.
  • Used car dealers should be completely open about vehicle history.
  • You should feel that there’s “breathing room” in the negotiation process. A used car dealer that turns up the heat on you to make a deal doesn’t have your best interests in mind.
  • Go for a used car dealership that feels “natural.” If they’re putting on a big show to draw you in and get your business, you might find that they’re concerned with appearances, not real value.

2. Ditch the bling.

For some reason, the stereotypical second-rate used car salesman likes to accessorize his polyester leisure suits with extremely large rings. Is it a status symbol? Does it communicate wealth and prestige? Power?

We’re not sure why they like the bling, but we ARE sure that, when it comes to a used car dealer, you should find one that values you, the customer, and not just the money a sale will bring.

At Monarch Auto Sales in Greensboro, we will never offer to sell you a car you can’t afford. This means more than just making sure you walk away with a monthly payment you can afford: This means that our dealers are not just committed to helping you find the car you need, but to helping you secure the financial future you want for yourself. Even if you can afford a $350.00 monthly payment doesn’t mean, in the long run, that it’s the best option for you.

It seems fundamental, but we’ve heard story upon story of unhappy customers taken to the negotiating table for a used car which, given their financial goals, they really can’t afford to buy. That’s why you need a dealership with the courage to ignore the “bling” and to focus on you, your needs and your goals.

3. Move with the times.

When the leisure suit had outstayed its welcome, most of the world moved on to greener (less odiferous) pastures. Not so our friend, the stereotypical used car salesman. No, he clung to the past, giving all of us in the used car business a bad name.

When you’re on the hunt for a reliable used car, look for a used car dealer who has kept up with the times. Their inventory should keep pace with current market standards, and they should be up-to-date on industry best practices for financing, insurance, and competitive warranties.

At Monarch, we’re on a mission to redeem our breed by stocking an inventory of exceptionally clean, pre-owned cars, trucks and vans at hard-to-beat prices. We have an online inventory search, in case you’d rather browse from the comfort of home, and we offer extended warranties and GAP insurance.

At Monarch Auto, we conduct all of our financing through Credit Acceptance Corporation, a well-established, reliable credit extension company based in Michigan that specializes in helping individuals build and repair credit. We use CAC because their financing makes it possible for individuals struggling to recover from credit damage, or who have no credit history at all, to buy a reliable, up-to-date vehicle.

It’s the difference between “it’s always worked before” and “our customers deserve better.”

Get started….in style!

The next time you’re in the market for a used car in Greensboro, remember to ditch the polyester suit and find a dealer with real style: reliable, up-to-date vehicles, a leg up on financing, and the honesty and integrity to do what’s best for you.

For more information about Monarch Auto’s Buy Here, Pay Here options, visit our Financing page.

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